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Want to Sell Your Sunrise Puyallup Home For Top Dollar?

5 tips to get more money when you sell your Sunrise Puyallup Home!

1)  If it smells it won’t sell.

You know when you walk into someone’s house and they have pets or they’re smokers because you can smell it. But they can’t! If you’re putting your house on the market you may not think there is any unusual or bad odor but people are sensitive to smells. Make sure you deep clean your house, including shampooing carpets and Febreezing curtains. Stale food smells are no good either. Invest in a Scentsy or some other air fresheners and be careful that you don’t go over the top with it. Your house should smell fresh and clean but not like you’re covering something up. If you or someone in your home smokes in the house you’ll probably have to do all that and repaint. Smoke is a strong odor that turns a lot of people away, even other smokers, especially if they don’t smoke inside. If you have cats make sure to clean out the cat box DAILY and keep pet hair vacuumed up. There’s nothing worse for a buyer than to come into a house and have an allergic reaction – nose gets stuffy, eyes watery and they start sneezing. That buyer is going to turn around and walk out. So if you want to sell your Sunrise Puyallup home for top dollar, keep it smelling great!

2)  Mow your lawn!

Keeping a clean and tidy yard is a must. The lawn should be mowed and edged and all shrubs should be pruned. Garden beds should be weed free with fresh mulch or bark. Pressure wash driveways and clean gutters and windows. You want a buyer to pull up to your Sunrise Puyallup home and be impressed with how well the yard and exterior is cared for. They will automatically assume your home’s interior is cared for the same way. The Sunrise Puyallup neighborhoods are know for great curb appeal and attract many buyers for that reason.

3)  De-clutter.

Clean out closets and remove knick knacks. Clear off counter tops and take down the kids’ art and A+’s from the fridge.  Less is definitely more when it comes to “stuff” and selling your house. Most people could benefit from removing some furniture to open up a room. And take down the family photos. You want the buyer to be able to picture themselves and their family living in your Sunrise Puyallup home and that’s hard to do if your family is smiling at them as they walk down the hall. If you’re having a hard time knowing what to take out and what to leave, have your agent walk you through a professionally staged home for inspiration. Or pay to have your home staged. Your return on that investment will be far greater than what you spend.

4)  Make sure you take care of all the little obvious things.

Like scraping out the moldy shower caulking and replacing it with fresh clean caulking. Make sure the inside of your refrigerator and microwave is clean. Buyers look at that stuff! Window sills should be free of dead bugs and there should be no cobwebs hanging from the ceiling. Make sure all light bulbs are working inside and out, especially in the winter time. And always leave the porch lights on. A dark house is never inviting.

5)  Think like a buyer.

Remember when you bought your house? Did you want to paint and replace carpet? Do a bunch of landscaping? You may have had to and if that’s the case, you probably got a good price when you bought it. We’re talking about getting top dollar for your Sunrise Puyallup home here. Make sure your house doesn’t shout projects and make sure the buyer leaves feeling good about the home. A buyer wants to feel confident in the home they buy and that’s the lasting impression you want them to walk away with. So before putting your house on the market, walk through it like you are the buyer and take notes. Then make those changes.

And remember, buyers love the neighborhoods in Sunrise Puyallup! With the right agent you’ll have no trouble selling your home!

For more tips and to find out how Sarah Robbins and Associates can help you sell your Sunrise Puyallup home, give us a call or send and email.

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5 tips to increase your home’s value and sell your Sunrise Puyallup home for top dollar!

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Written by Sarah Robbins, Puyallup Real Estate Agent

Sarah Robbins and Associates is dedicated to helping home buyers find Puyallup Homes for Sale and connecting them with our Puyallup Home Sellers. Sarah and her team are Puyallup Real Estate Agents serving all of Puyallup.

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