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Meet the Puyallup Real Estate Agent Team

Sarah Robbins and Associates is a Puyallup Real Estate Agent Team Focused On Client Experience

Benefits of working with a Puyallup Real Estate Agent Team

Sarah Robbins and Associates is a Puyallup, WA Real Estate Agent Team owned by Sarah Robbins and Ryan Ward. Sarah and Ryan work in Puyallup and hold their license with Keller Williams Realty, Puyallup. The team structure benefits buyers and sellers by allowing them to work with specialists rather than generalists.

Sarah Robbins first started selling real estate in October of 2002. She and the former Team Leader/CEO of Keller Williams Realty Puyallup, Ryan Ward, decided to put their years of experience and unique talents together to create a Puyallup Real Estate Agent Team that focuses on the client’s experience. To do that, they created a team of talented individuals who each focus on one aspect of the business to bring expertise to the client. The ability to focus on each client as needed creates an experience that is much more tailored to that client’s need.

“You wouldn’t go to your general practitioner doctor for brain surgery; you’d find the best Neurosurgeon available. Why take your most valued asset to a general real estate agent who juggles buyers, sellers, title and escrow companies, lenders and paperwork, when you can work with one who specializes in listing homes and selling those homes for the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time?” – Sarah Robbins

Sarah Robbins and Associates is comprised of a listing specialist for sellers, a buyer’s specialist and showing assistant for buyers, a transaction coordinator, and a marketing assistant. With these key professionals, the client gets the best of the best when it comes to marketing their home, negotiating offers, buyer representation and transaction follow up. When a buyer or seller comes to Sarah Robbins and Associates, their individual needs are met with a high level of professionalism and care.

Find out how the Puyallup Real Estate Agent Team can benefit you. Call 253-470-8163 today to learn more.


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