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Will staging my home to sell make me more money?

Yes! The short answer is that staging will help your home sell quicker and for top dollar. Whether you live there or you’ve moved out and your home is vacant, staging is important! Have you ever noticed that new construction homes often sell for thousands more than a similar, recently built resale home. It’s because of the staging. Builders pay interior designers to come in and paint designer colors and furnish the house with the most recent in home furnishing design because they know it works. Staging creates an experience for the buyer. They feel great in that sexy and sleek new home and that feeling provokes them to make an offer. Now you don’t have to paint in designer colors or buy a bunch of new furniture. I recommend having a professional stager come in to your home and help you determine what works and what doesn’t. The professional stager can bring in pieces to complement what you already have or just help you rearrange and/or remove items that take away from the feeling you’re trying to achieve.  While spending money on staging for your home marketing might seem a little crazy, if that investment results in a shorter marketing period by 30 days (less mortgage and property taxes for you to pay) or brings in an offer that is just $10,000 higher than you might otherwise get, I think you can see that it is easily money well spent.

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