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Should you do an open house?

Some sellers feel an open house is a must. Others prefer not to do them. Some sellers see an open house as an inconvenience and a security threat and would prefer to only open the door for serious buyers rather than all the neighborhood looky loos. With the buyers ability these days to go online and see the interior pictures of a home it is less necessary for them to visit open houses and they have recently become less effective. Having said that there are times when it simply makes sense to do one. In some cases a house is just too unique to market without an open house. Sometimes people have to see it to believe it. If the photos of your house don’t do it justice you may want to do an open house. But an open house is only worth having if it’s done properly. That involves sprucing up the house and its landscaping and advertising it well in advance and on the day it’s going to be open.

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