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Can I be home during real estate agent showings?

No way! OK, that’s what I would like to say and the truth is if you are home it is unlikely your home will sell during that showing. It is awkward for buyers to have the seller lurking around and the buyers can’t get out of your house quick enough. A buyer doesn’t feel comfortable when the seller is home and typically when they leave your home all they can remember about it is – that’s the one the seller was home for the showing. And what you want them to remember is how great your house is. If you just can’t get out for a showing sit on the back porch or in the garage or go for a walk. If that isn’t enough of a reason, some showing agents are good and work hard for their buyers and if you’re home they’re going to pepper you with questions about why you’re selling and how soon do you need to be where you’re going and many other things that will undermine your negotiation when it comes to the offer. The bottom line is to be gone for every showing and you will get a better offer and sooner.

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